7 Most Rare Pets

7 Most Unusual/ Rare Pets You Should Know About

7 Most Unusual/ Rare Pets You Should Know About

We love our cats/dogs or pets, but some people would rather have more unique animals as friends. Depending on what kind of animal they are determined to, this can be achieved.

Once some obstacles are overcome, a relationship can be as beneficial as having any traditional pet. Keeping exotic pets can be very expensive, and because of their rarity, it is difficult to find his or her help when necessary. 

With this in mind, here are the seven most unusual pets of all time.


Leopard cats were once considered an endangered species. They are essentially small leopards and are no better than ordinary domestic cats. In terms of behavior, they behave like all cats, lazing and hunting during the day, but most of them are active at night and become ferocious if threatened.

Life expectancy: 20 years

Fennec Fox:

Fennec foxes have been kept as pets for centuries, and they are known to be very affectionate. Although it can’t be completely tamed. Fennec foxes feed on plants and meat, but they do not need to drink water because they have evolved to extract water directly from food; however if they exist, they will drink it.

Life expectancy: 14 years

Sugar glider:

Sugar glider is one of the most common pets. It needs a very special diet, one part of the fruit, one part of vegetables and two parts of insects. The reason for this is that they are prone to calcium deficiency, which can cause serious health problems such as paralysis of the hind legs. Although they are picky eaters, they are very social and affectionate but considering that they are nocturnal animals, this may not necessarily be a good thing.

Life expectancy: 15 years


Chinchillas are not the easiest animal to keep, they are basically guinea pigs that require a lot of maintenance. They need a lot of exercises, their teeth need to wear out as they grow, they can’t be wet, they need to stay cool because they don’t sweat and their digestive system is very sensitive. However, it is very mild, so its flaws can easily be overlooked.

Life expectancy: 19 years


Dei-goo-s, pronounced Dei-goo-s, is more popular than the more common small pets due to its high IQ and social skills. They are easy to tame and communicate well. Once they become attached enough, they will even take time to help their master by biting them gently. However, they like to chew, so it is best not to put them in a plastic cage.

Shelf life: 8 years (13 years in good condition)


Also known as bearded dragons, their popularity has grown a lot in the past decade. One of the reasons is that they are very friendly and docile; this makes it easy to move, transport, and play. Generally speaking, they like to eat fruits and vegetables, and they need to feed insects from time to time to help them have a balanced and healthy diet; especially when they are young.

Life expectancy: 10 years

Hyacinth Macaws

It may be the name of any of our favorite animals. As long as you do research and learn how to take care of them, this parrot will become a great pet. They have strong beaks, they can easily bend the fences of ordinary cages, and if they are not taught not to do so when they are young, they will bite. They also need a lot of space, because their wingspan is 4 feet, if you want to stay healthy, you need a lot of exercises.

Life expectancy: 60 years

Eatonthemove £250 UK Survey @ eatonthemove.com

Eatonthemove £250 UK Survey | SSP Food Travel Experts | www.eatonthemove.com

The Eatonthemove survey aims to evaluate the customer satisfaction of SSP Group on www.eatonthemove.com.

Additionally, the online Eat On The Move survey is a way to talk to you and get to know you. Therefore, the restaurant is aware of the positive aspects of well-functioning and the negative aspects and areas that need improvement. It’s also very simple. Free Eat On The Move coupons or Eat On The Move gift cards are also provided as rewards for Eatonthemove surveys.

From this article, you will get all the important information about this Eat On the Move customer experience survey. Furthermore, Eat On The Move allows you to share your experience to maintain the level of service quality and dedication.

So let’s get started, don’t waste time, and get familiar with the rules and requirements of Eat On The Move surveys and rewards.


SSP Group Food Travel experts conducted an Eat on the Move survey to understand customer satisfaction. SSP Group is a British food service company based in Wales and England. The company operates a restaurant and gourmet network.

Moreover, they operate in 35 countries around the world. In all these countries/regions, they have experienced teams and expert consultants who can provide services directly to the target market. They provide fresh and innovative ideas based on our extensive knowledge of food and beverages.

Purpose of Eatonthemove survey

Eat On The Move would love to hear about your wonderful experience! They are looking for new and innovative ways to provide customers with a positive customer experience. All responses are kept confidential and personally, identifiable information will not be used for marketing purposes.

Your comments are valuable, and we really appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts with this company. Fill out the questionnaire now and let your voice be heard! 

Eatonthemove bonus customer survey

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After receiving your feedback, you will participate in the Eatonthemove sweepstakes. Then, if you are the winner, you will receive a £250 gift card for future dining out.

Eat On The Move UK Survey rules and requirements

  • Participants must be British citizens.
  • Only people 18 years of age or older are allowed to participate in the survey.
  • You must have a valid purchase or payment receipt to participate in the store sweepstakes.
  • After the winner is announced, the winner will be notified via email (which you provided during the survey).
  • Like all other survey bonuses, cash is not allowed to replace survey coupons.
  • Each person is limited to one entry. Duplicate entries will be filtered out when drawing.
  • You must not be an employee, employee, or partner of the SSP Group or its immediate family members.
  • A laptop, mobile phone, or tablet with an internet connection is required.
  • Answering survey questions correctly requires basic English language skills.
  • Sponsors can change voting, rewards, and lottery rules at any time.

Click here for more terms and conditions.

Quick steps to win a £250 gift voucher

  • Visit the official survey website www.eatonthemove.com or here.
  • Find your SSP food store and enter the date you visited the store.
  • There are some problems with your screen. Provide your experience and answers to all questions.
  • Please enter your personal information at the end of the questionnaire, such as name, email, phone and address. Then click the save button.
  • You have now entered the sweepstakes and won a gift certificate worth £250.

Step-by-step procedure for completing the Eatonthemove [email protected] www.eatonthemove.com


  • First visit www.eatonthemove.com, the official website of Eat on the Move customer satisfaction survey.
  • Second, select the location of the place and select the store you visited last time.
  • To continue, you will be asked to enter the date and time of your visit.
  • Will ask some questions about overall satisfaction, which should range from very dissatisfied to very satisfied.
  • Then, upload the photo of the last purchase receipt at the SSP Food Store.
  • The problem mainly revolves around the friendliness of the employees, the cleanliness of the store, the quality of the products, and the overall experience.
  • Be honest with all issues. Please note that honesty is the most important thing; an affirmative answer has no effect on the choice of the winner.
  • After that, based on the survey, it will ask you if you want them to contact you. Choose Yes to fill in contact information, such as your name, email ID, phone number, and full address.
  • Lastly, click Save and you can now get a £250 gift voucher just by calling.

Eatonthemove customer satisfaction survey-useful tips


  • All participants in the Eat On The Move survey must ensure that personal data is provided correctly to facilitate communication with the company.
  • It is recommended that all users collect all receipts when visiting nearby stores, supermarkets, restaurants, or pharmacies.
  • Also, send us your receipt, get a simple step-by-step survey guide, and get free rewards/prizes with us here.
  • Lastly, retail store customers who cannot participate in the survey. The lucky draw can share these difficulties in the comment box below and get online help from us through the link.

Contact information 

EatOnTheMove official website: www.foodtravelexperts.com

Contact page: www.foodtravelexperts.com/international/contact/

Phone number: 020 7529 8370

Address: SSP Food Tourism Expert, 32 Jamestown Street London, NW1 7HW

Final words

I have included in this article all the information from a survey organized by Eat On The Move on www.eatonthemove.com. However, if you have any queries regarding the eatonthemove or you want to know about any other customer surveys or any login guide. Do write in the comment section below or write to us at [email protected]