Best Dogs Guard To Have At Their Home

Best Dogs Guard To Have:  Top 10 Protected Dog Breeds

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Best Dogs Guard To Have:  Top 10 Protected Dog Breeds

If you are looking for the right dog to protect you or your family or property, some dogs are born with the instinct of being a guard dog. Guard dogs usually have a strong sense of loyalty to you and your family, are very alert, good at observation, and obedient in action. The ideal guard dog is usually large, fearless, and responsive to training.

If you are considering keeping a guard dog, here are 10 dogs guard that can usually be used as companions and protectors.


Brave dogs are excellent guard dogs, but they should never be aggressive. Large and strong dogs can cause injury or worse. Your dog should receive obedience training so that you can learn how to control your dog and strike a delicate balance between protection and attack.


Akita is one of the most loyal dog breeds. This brave and careful breed was raised to protect the kings and nobles of feudal Japan, which naturally arouses suspicion from the outside world. The Akita will take care of you and your family at all times. This breed attaches great importance to this task and will usually perform guard tasks with little or no training. This dog needs obedience training, or you can consider training a guard dog to hone their skills. Like all dogs, proper social activities are needed to help prevent unnecessary confrontations or attacks.

Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois is strong and athletic and has become the favourite breed of K-9 police and military units due to its agility, search and rescue capabilities, and training capabilities. This dog is full of energy and will thrive when he has work to do. He should receive specialized training and appropriate social interactions to adapt to new or unfamiliar situations. This dog should do a lot of exercises every day.

Bull Mastiff

Game administrators originally developed loyal and brave bull mastiffs to protect their games from poachers. The bullish appearance of this large breed may frighten intruders. In fact, this dog is naturally affectionate to his family, which makes him a good companion. Bullmastiff is a nurturing guard that requires structured training to strengthen its natural guarding instincts.

Cane Corso

Cane Corso (pronounced “KAH-nay KOR-so”) is an Italian dog breed, historically used as a guard dog, war dog and hunter. Their large size, heavy physique and deep bark help defend against invaders. This breed has a guarding instinct. Her training should focus on obedience and hone her natural skills.

German Shepherd

Similar in appearance and temperament to the Belgian Malinois. The German Shepherd is another active and active breed and is also preferred as a police or military working dog. Moreover, this breed shows a strong sense of loyalty to its family members. Just like other guard dogs, training is essential for these dogs to focus on becoming guard dogs. However, you will need to socialize with your German Shepherd to avoid fear and tension. This dog still needs about two hours of exercise every day.

Doberman pincher

Historically, the Doberman has a notorious reputation as a combative dog breed. But in her human family, she is affectionate, meek, and even stupid. Most of them don’t even hesitate to strangers unless they feel threatened. Doberman Pinschers can usually perform excellent protection tasks with little or no formal training. Through a structured training program, you can hone your dog’s protection skills and turn it into an excellent guard dog.


Komondor is known for its unique “dreadlocks”, and its white rope coat makes this breed look a lot like a mop head. However, don’t let its appearance fool you. The Komondor is a large, strong and brave working dog that originated in Hungary and is used to protect livestock and property. Affectionate for family members, reserved for strangers. You can shape her natural desire for protection through a structured training program. Socialization is necessary to help expose the breed to different situations.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Historically, the Rhodesian Ridgeback was a hound of large animals and lions and was extremely loyal to the family, which gave it a natural tendency to protect. This dog is an affectionate and noble breed and a lovely companion. This breed does not require guard dog training; his protective instinct is greatly enhanced. However, basic obedience training is essential to give this dog structure. This breed should be able to listen to you and follow your orders.


The Rottweiler is another dog breed known for its combativeness. This breed can be as cute as a great idiot at times, but a terrifying defender the next moment. If the Rottweiler trusts you, it is likely to be loyal and affectionate to you. Furthermore, Rodents usually hesitate to strangers until the dog examines the person without posing a threat. If trained properly, this dog can be an excellent guard dog. This breed needs socialization, structure and tasks to guide its daily activities.

Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is the ultimate watchdog. No one can surpass this huge, alert, powerful and terrifying dog. Historically, this Tibetan guard dog has protected caravans and groups of people in the Himalayas from wolves and snow leopards. Today, the Tibetan Mastiff is very tolerant to the family, but often does not trust strangers, and will show territorial behaviour if threatened by strangers. Although not the most affectionate dog of the breed, it is a loyal dog and will protect you and your family. This dog also needs to build a structure through training and socialization.

Dog breeds to avoid

Lastly, Dogs that are not good at watchdogs are usually quiet or low-energy breeds, and they are more likely to ignore strangers or welcome them into your home. Usually, super friendly canines such as Labrador, Golden Retriever and Irish setter are carefree dogs and they will welcome anyone into their home. Moreover, the Buggy Retriever tends to be lazy, and this breed may not leave your dog’s bed when someone enters the house.


Best Dogs Guard To Have At Their Home

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