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Black German Shepherd Dog: Things You Should Know

Last Updated on November 7, 2022 by Alis Lee

7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Black German Shepherd

The black German shepherd is a pure bred German shepherd and does not qualify as an independent breed, but it is notable for being 100% black. Black German Shepherds are very rare, so their prices are much higher, and you can expect to find a black German Shepherd for around US$700 to US$2,000.

Stay with me and find out 7 things you didn’t know about this black beauty.

1. The black German Shepherd dog is the same breed as the German Shepherd

People sometimes think that the black German Shepherd and the German Shepherd are different breeds. This is not true. It belongs to the same breed, but is called the Black German Shepherd because… well, it is completely black! Black German Shepherd sitting in the green grass with a natural background.

7 Things You Didn't Know About The Black German Shepherd

2. There are some physical differences between Black Shepherd and Standard Dog

  • They are muscular
  • They have fluffy tails
  • Their ears stand up
  • They have double layers
  • They are heavy shacks
  • Pure black
  • May be bigger
  • Their backs are usually straighter

They may have longer coats, sometimes with flowing bristles (behind the neck), edges (between the front and back legs on either side of the body), and feathers (long hairs on the ears, back of the legs, and underneath the tail)

3. The Black Shepherd is born

All German Shepherds are born in black, gray or white, and their color will change as they grow. Their true coat color can usually be determined at about 8 weeks of age. German Shepherd puppies are black at birth and will remain black as adults.

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Therefore, if you are looking for pure black German Shepherd puppies, you need to get them at this age and not earlier to make sure they are indeed pure black.

4. Non-black German Shepherd can produce black German Shepherd

Yes, you heard it right. For example, black and tan German shepherds can carry the recessive pure black gene and produce black German shepherd puppies. However, both parents must have a recessive gene to appear pure black in the trash. So if you go to meet your puppy (not before 8 weeks old, remember), don’t be surprised to see that its parents are not pure black! It may happen. The second method of producing black German Shepherds is to mate two black dogs. This mixture can only produce a pure black litter.

5. Black has no negative effects on dogs

The strong black German Shepherd near the American flag is where the negative stigma comes into play; people sometimes fear this dog because of its amazing black color. The color of this dog does not affect its temperament. The black German Shepherd is as loyal, focused, active and intelligent as the standard breed, and does not tend to be aggressive. She is often indifferent at first, but once you become attached to her, she will become your lifelong companion.

Black German Shepherd Dogs are also very easy to train. You can use police and military dogs, disabled assistance dogs and obedience dogs.

Look at how obedient an 11-month-old black shepherd puppy is:

7 Things You Didn't Know About The Black German Shepherd

Like any German Shepherd, their protective instinct is very strong. These dogs have been used to raise and protect livestock, and will do the same to their human herd! If your family is in danger, there is no doubt that this dog will protect you.

However, as a companion dog, you want her to realize that not everyone is a threat. Make sure you associate with her from an early age so that she can get along well with others as an adult.

6. It can be expensive

Black German Shepherds are very rare, which is why they tend to be more expensive, especially if they have a long and luxurious coat. For a standard German Shepherd puppy, the price ranges from US$300 to US$900. As mentioned above, for a black German Shepherd puppy, you can expect to pay anything between US$700 and US$2000.

7. Like all German Shepherds, they are prone to health problems.

Unfortunately, the German Shepherd breed can suffer from many health problems. The main problems of this breed are hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. This happens when the kneecap joint deforms and can cause arthritis and even claudication. This can be helped by maintaining a healthy weight for your dog. Other potential health problems include:

  • Heart disease
  • Spinal disease
  • Eye diseases
  • Digestive problems
  • Allergies
  • Cancer

Find a reputable Black Collie breeder

When buying any dog, you must find a reputable breeder. One way is to ask your veterinarian or friends for recommendations, contact a local breed club, or participate in a professional dog show. Alternatively, you can search for breeders online.

How to identify responsible breeders?

A responsible breeder will want to meet you in person and ask you questions to see if this puppy is right for you. When you meet, they should be happy to tell you where the puppy grew up, and you should be able to meet the puppy’s parents. Be sure to check the health of your parents and sand before buying.

German black shepherd breeder

Attractive German Shepherd puppy posing on a white background, Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous black German Shepherd breeders who only work for a profit. This always means that they don’t care much about the quality of the dog, and the puppy may have health problems.

If he is a reputable breeder, he will be able to view the history of the puppy’s parents and detailed information about its health.

Fortunately for you, I myself have done some research on trusted Black Sheepdog breeders and will share the results of my work.

Black German Shepherd

First, you can view the puppies offered by the AKC market, where you can search by breed, view puppy photos, and read information about breeders.

Here are some famous German Shepherd breeders who raise black-German Shepherd dogs, they are all registered with AKC:

In conclusion

The Black Shepherd is a beautiful breed of German Shepherd, loyal, energetic and easy to train. They are naturally pure black, have straighter backs, and sometimes have longer hair than standard breeds. Keep in mind that they can be more expensive, especially if their coats are longer and more luxurious.

Like all German shepherds, black shepherds are prone to many health problems. You need to make sure to buy from a reputable breeder who can ensure your puppy’s health and longevity.

Are you considering buying Black Shepherd or do you already own one of these black beauties? Comment below!


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