Blue German Shepherd: Some Interesting Facts

Blue German Shepherd: Some Interesting Facts

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Blue German Shepherd: Is It For Real?

Most people have heard of the German Shepherd breed. This medium-sized dog is very popular in the United States. However, not everyone has heard of the Blue German Shepherd. If they have heard of it, they may not know much about this dog. Although white German shepherds are more common, here is what you need to know about blue German shepherds.

Color Variation

The Blue German Shepherd is just a color variation of the German Shepherd breed. They are unique in that their coat is blue/gray, and they also have blue eyes. There are actually three variants of the blue German Shepherd because they have blue, purple, blue, and saber or blue and black.

The color of the German Shepherd is genetically determined. This breed of dog has two genes that determine the color and appearance of the dog. The first of these genes determine coat color, and the second determines whether the dog has markings and how they are distributed throughout the coat. For example, some German Shepherds are solid-colored, while others are two-toned.

Blue German Shepherd: Some Interesting Facts

Created the Blue German Shepherd, which inherited the blue double recessive gene. Another color variant of the breed that this color is inherited in this way is the liver of the German Shepherd because it also occurs when the dog inherits two recessive genes from the liver.

The difference between the two colors, in addition to the visual appearance, the blue gene only partially shields the black gene, while the liver gene completely shields the black gene. This means that blue dogs may have lighter black markings, while liver dogs do not have any black markings.

Blue German Shepherd Puppies

A blue German Shepherd puppy will be different from other litters because its eyes are lighter, usually blue. However, some blue dogs have yellow or amber eyes. Their coat color is obvious after they are born.

According to the American Kennel Club, the German Shepherd Dog breed standard states that blue dogs are a huge mistake when displaying dogs in competitions based on their appearance. The same applies to dogs with liver color.

Blue German Shepherd: Some Interesting Facts

In the performance, people prefer dark German shepherds. According to the color, only the white dog is excluded from the game. Light-colored dogs, such as blue and liver dogs, are considered serious misconduct.

Why You Should Have A German Shepherd?

Unique On In All Breeds

In German Shepherd breeds, the blue coat color does not mean that the dog has inherited any problems. In some breeds, the blue coat color means that the dog is more likely to suffer from certain health problems. It can also indicate certain characteristics of the dog’s temperament. However, this is not the case with blue German Shepherds, simply because of their color, and the fact that they are blue does not affect their health or temperament in any way.

Blue German Shepherd: Some Interesting Facts

The blue German Shepherd is much rarer than the other color variants of the breed. Sometimes they appear randomly in the litter, sometimes they are bred in specialized breeding programs. Compared with other color variations of this variety, its rarity may result in a higher price. Prices can vary greatly from one breeder to another.

However, the market for those who want a blueGerman Shepherd is limited to those who own it as a pet. This is because the person showing the dog does not want this German Shepherd to appear in the dog competition.

Final Thoughts

People who want to own a blueGerman shepherd can find a dog in the rescue center who needs a good home. There are many blue German Shepherds who desperately need a comfortable home and a caring owner.

Another option is to buy from a reputable breeder. It is important to check their credentials first and confirm that the blue German Shepherd was raised by an experienced breeder who can certify that the dogs they sell are in good living conditions and that their parents are properly cared for.

Blue German Shepherd: Some Interesting Facts

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