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Czech German Shepherd- Some Facts You Should Know

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Czech German Shepherd- Some Facts You Should Know

The working dogs of the Czech German Shepherd are popular all over the world with their amazing cute appearance, sinister wit and nervous nature. Generally speaking, they are versatile dogs, willing to work hard at work, or just as your beloved pets. Because they have excellent kill switches, they can even switch between these roles as needed if you want.

In order to support them in enjoying a good life with you, it is important that you understand what makes this breed so fed before raising a puppy. In this way, you can be sure that they are the right dog for you and are ready to take home a loyal partner who will spend his life happily by your side. Fortunately, we are here to provide you with insider information about this wonderful variety through this informative guide.

History of the Czech German Shepherd

The working dogs of the Czech German Shepherd series were developed independently of their counterparts all over the world. Their dynasty even parted ways with the borders of West Germany, as the two sides of the country had been separated for a long time.

Therefore, their appearance, temperament and many other characteristics are their own. In all breeds, these dogs are compact and powerful dogs with straight backs, thorny ears, and narrow feet. They do not have a very round back. For example, many American German Shepherds have been selected to perform well in the performance circle because of this characteristic.

Czech German Shepherd- Some Facts You Should Know

Instead, these dogs were originally bred by the Czech army. They use these dogs to help patrol and protect national borders, and this is reflected in everything they do. Furthermore, they learn tasks quickly, move quickly, and have a strong bite force. They are also very loyal protectors and happily accompany their families day and night.

Czech German Shepherd Dog Breeding Standard

In order to retain the main characteristics of the breed, the Czech German Shepherd breeder will look for the following characteristics when selecting dogs for his plan.

Physical characteristics

In order to meet the criteria for this breed, males must have a height between 24 and 26 inches, and a fully grown-up weight between 66 and 88 pounds. Women are slightly smaller, 22 to 24 inches and 49 to 71 pounds.

Both women and men should have strong heads, deep chests, and big feet. Their backs should be straight from shoulders to tails, with only the slightest slope. Dense bone structure and strong muscles are also essential, but they still have to move in this way to make their feet look light.

Coat colour

The Czech German Shepherd has a full range of coat colours for all breeds of this breed. Sable dogs are the most popular, available in light, dark and black. Two-color, black and tan, and black dogs across stripes.


Although working dogs of the Czech German Shepherd are generally in good health, there are still some blood breed issues that need attention. In particular, hip dysplasia can appear in certain stripes, although it is not as common as dogs bred for performances. Other potential health problems include ear infections, bloating, and injuries caused by her often stoic character.


Because they have been bred together with Czech border guards for several hours, these German Shepherds possess endless energy, motivation and courage in a matter of days. Modern dogs are bred to have an off switch so they can relax with their family at home without bouncing off the wall. They provide protection when the situation demands it, but they are friendly enough to wander around the city carefree.

Czech German Shepherd- Some Facts You Should Know


Whether you are training for the Schutzhund competition or just want to teach all the basics of obedience, the Czech German Shepherd can complete the task quickly and do its best to complete the task. Like all dogs, they need constant guidance and follow-up to learn how to do the job correctly.

Is the Czech German Shepherd Business Line right for you?

In general, working dogs of the Czech German Shepherd have a perfect balance of intelligence, drive and appearance. They are ideal for those who wish to participate in canine sports such as Schutzhund, jetty diving, volleyball and law enforcement activities. As long as they receive proper training, they can excel in anything they start to do.

Although their performance potential is second to none, they are also very happy to be with their family. If you choose this route, you need to take a walk every day and enjoy a long game to get rid of their tremors, otherwise they may feel anxious. Expect to spend at least a few hours a day working with your dog to stimulate his energy and teach him behaviour, skills, etc.

Other care to consider include:

  • Feed a high-quality diet suitable for their life stage, such as adult puppies, until they are fully grown.
  • Buy durable toys and check them regularly for defects; get rid of all damaged toys
  • Clean the dog’s coat every day to prevent the carpet and keep it looking great
  • Trim your nails every week or walk on rough surfaces to wear naturally
  • Brush your teeth with a toothbrush and feed them for chewing.

Most importantly, training is essential to raising a happy and healthy working dog. They thrive in learning new tasks and using their brains to overcome challenges. If you are not sure how to work with your dog, a qualified dog trainer can help you train his obedience, skills and specialized tasks.

What to look for in a Czech German Shepherd

The Czech German Shepherd is a wonderful energy whirlwind that will only make you fall in love and tired. Since all these puppies are infinitely cute and lively, you have to look at their parents and see their results.

You want to find a dog with a stable temperament, docile and suitable appearance. Both the father and mother should have a strong health history, and a breed free of hip dysplasia and other worrying conditions. Depending on what you want to do with your puppy, it is also worth studying dogs that are involved in canine sports, law enforcement activities, and other endeavours or dogs that have performed well in these worlds.

A well-functioning breeder of the Czech German Shepherd should provide you with all the information you need about their dog. They should also screen all applicants so that each puppy is suitable for the ideal owner. Many breeders have waiting lists, so start talking early and be prepared to wait for a while.



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