German Shepherd Maturity Stages

German Shepherd Maturity Stages

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German Shepherd Maturity Stages with Age

German Shepherds are intelligent, capable, and caring dogs that go through many stages in their maturity. There are five different stages in the first year alone. The long puberty ending with puppies is very personal, but most dogs mature before 3 years of age.


Neonatal period/ 10 Days German Shepherd


This is the first stage of the German Shepherd’s experience. In short, this is the helpless stage of the puppy with its eyes closed and completely dependent on its mother. You will feed, wash and clean him after his accident in the first two to three weeks. Your eyes will open in about 10 days. Now, your puppy is more than just a feeding machine-it fills his stomach and helps his small body grow and develop.

German Shepherd Maturity Stages


Transitional Phase/ 2weeks German Shepherd


Although short and inconspicuous, the transition from the neonatal stage to the socialization stage is important for the development of puppies. This short period, lasting about a week after they opened their eyes, marked the period when the German Shepherd began to notice the surrounding environment.

German Shepherd Maturity Stages

You will start to look at things curiously and become aware of the sounds around you. Before that, he had no sight or sound in his own small world except his body and his mother’s body. When you open your eyes, the surrounding environment and other creatures will suddenly become part of your life that you must experience.

Socialization stage/1 month German Shepherd


After about 3 weeks, your puppy will start learning to interact with others, including animals and humans around him. He has done some dog training through daily contact with his mother and litter buddies, but now he has begun to expand his circle of friends to other dogs or cats in the house and the human family around him.

German Shepherd Maturity Stages

This is the most important stage of your German Shepherd’s development and helps determine whether he is suitable for rescue or service work or as a family dog ​​in the future. At this time, you should have the opportunity to meet as many new animals and faces as possible in different situations. So that when you grow up, you will encounter people and other animals in various situations. This stage lasts until about 3 months of age. This is when the puppies are most emotional and playful.


Youth/6-month-old German Shepherd


At 3 to 6 months old, your puppy will begin to transcend the biological world of dogs, cats, and people into the larger world around him. At this point, you will want to explore new places rather than new faces, which usually causes you trouble. For parents of puppies, this is an active and challenging age. Most of your puppy looks like an adult dog but behaves like a puppy.

German Shepherd Maturity Stages

Their attention span is about as long as a typical teenager, so this is not a particularly easy time for obedience courses. The shepherd will consider other things, but pet owners should continue to insist. This is the best stage to resolve any overt aggression or anxiety problems their puppies may exhibit. If these problems are not resolved early, they may become bigger problems in the future. What makes things more difficult is that at about 5 months of age, your German Shepherd will begin to mature sexually.


Puberty/ 1.5 years old German Shepard

The pain experienced by adolescents is roughly equivalent to what pet parents expect of a young German Shepherd. From the beginning of sexual maturity to the first two years of life. Puppies’ hormones will erupt uncontrollably unless they are neutered early. The usual feature of this stage is to install anything, mark their territory, and even fight with other male dogs.

German Shepherd Maturity Stages

Females will enter their first estrus at this time and may try to escape the yard or cause problems. The puppy’s body has grown into an adult. Also, his brain has been fully alert and capable, but his emotions are still in the turbulent transition from adolescence to full adulthood. If you are a human, this will be the stage where you hide your car keys.


Adult German Shepherd/ 3 years old German Shepard


Around the age of three, you can start to relax. After adulthood, the German Shepherd finally became the calm, generous, brave and respectable dog you always knew he would be. If you were patient and focused in the early, sometimes difficult years, then you now have a well-trained and disciplined life partner.

Hope you like our listed Maturity Stages of German Sheperd, if we miss any, write in the comment section below:

German Shepherd Maturity Stages

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