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In Savannah, Georgia, there is a mill called International Paper Port Wentworth Mill. International Paper Savannah Mill is a company that employs roughly 190 International Paper employees at this site. These are the businesses involved in the following industries: Wood and paper goods are manufactured at this facility.

As part of its regular service offerings, Landmark collaborated with International Paper’s managers on a multi-month salvage collection and clean-up operation across the mill site. Using its industrial facility expertise, Landmark can deliver the highest degree of site management and safety for projects that must take place inside or near an existing facility.

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About International Paper Port Wentworth

International Paper port Wentworth is one of the world’s most prominent packaging, pulp, and paper producers. The paper and pulp they produce are used in personal hygiene products, such as diapers, tissues, and other feminine hygiene items, which promote excellent health and well-being and educational materials that help people learn and communicate.

The last stop on our port tour is this paper plant. Stone Container, Smurfit-Stone, and Willamette Industries, in addition to Weyerhaeuser, have all held this mill in the past. International Paper now owns the company.


As the world’s most prominent private owner of softwood timberland and the United States’ second-largest landowner, International Paper Port Wentworth was a pulp and paper giant. It has around 41,000 employees spread throughout 18 different nations. Many similar plants were acquired by International Paper in June of that year, including this one. It will continue to operate as planned.

International Paper Port Wentworth Jobs

If you were given a chance and the duty, you could make a difference. It’s time to stop limiting yourself and live life to the fullest. International Paper Port Wentworth, a Fortune 500 corporation and worldwide leader in paper and packaging goods, has an open position for you. International Paper careers are well-known for their environmental stewardship and dedication to cutting-edge technological advancements. 

More than a century of innovation has led us to seek out collaborators who can help them build on the past while ensuring success in the future. Attracting, training, and promoting our team members is a top priority. You are in charge of your future at International Paper Savannah Mill. There are many advantages to working with us: new experiences, new challenges, worldwide exposure, and ultimate rewards. We mean what we say when we say “Infinite Possibilities.”

International Paper Port Wentworth Savannah Mill, a leading pulp and paper company, is looking for the next generation of top operators. Entry-level positions are available in a variety of fields. Production employees begin at a starting wage of $19.77/hour on a trial basis and are paid more as they advance in International Paper careers. As a result, it’s possible for operators to swiftly learn new abilities and move through the ranks, earning between $22.46-and $34.18/hour (average $27.63/hour) for their efforts.

International Paper Employee Benefits

International Paper Port Wentworth benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:

After six months of work, you are entitled to one week of paid vacation. After one year of service, you are eligible for an extra two weeks of leave.

  • Plans for medical treatment
  • Planned Giving
  • Dental Protection Plan
  • Holiday Pay 401K – The company will contribute 50% of the first 6% of earnings to the employee’s retirement account.
  • The plan specified 57 dollars a month for international paper employees each year.

International Paper is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action-employing company. Accordingly, equal consideration will be given to all eligible candidates, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual orientation, or other protected trait.


Q: What is the phone number for International Paper Port Wentworth?

Contact information about International Paper Port Wentworth Mill may be found at (912) 964-1271.

Q: The International Paper Port Wentworth Mill is about how large is a football field?

International Paper Port Wentworth Mill is a company that employs around 190 people in this area.

Q: What is the address of the International Paper Port Wentworth Mill?

In the United States, the International Paper Port Wentworth Mill may be found at 1 Bonnybridge Rd in Savannah, Georgia 31407.

Q: What is International Paper’s Port Wentworth Mill’s website address (URL)?

International Paper – Port Wentworth Mill may be found on the internet at

Q: How many individuals are employed by International Paper Port Wentworth Mill? 

There are around 190 individuals in this facility who work for International Paper Port Wentworth Mill.

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International Paper Port Wentworth | All You Need to Know

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