Is The German Shepherd Dangerous?


If you are considering raising a German Shepherd, you may be wondering if it is a dangerous breed.


This article will show you how dangerous German Shepherds are and how to prevent them from becoming dangerous.

So, how dangerous is the German Shepherd? If kept well, German Shepherds are usually very protective of their families and will only pose a danger to people who are not part of their family. However, when they breed poorly, German Shepherds can become dangerous even around their families.

There are actually many things that can make a German Shepherd dangerous. However, there are many steps you can take to prevent someone from becoming dangerous, especially those around you and your family.

Below, I will show you how dangerous it is, how to prevent it from becoming dangerous and what makes it dangerous.

How dangerous is the German Shepherd?

If raised properly, German Shepherds will usually protect their families very much and will not pose a danger to their families.

However, German Shepherds are considered more aggressive towards other dogs and people outside their families.

But this research is based on survey data that may not be reliable. In addition, I found that the difference in the severity of different dogs of the same breed is much greater than the difference between the same different breeds.

This may indicate that the way of raising a dog has a greater impact on its risk than the type of breed.

That being said, when German Shepherds do not treat strangers or even their owners well, they can be very dangerous.

This study illustrates some of the common themes of dangerous dogs, including lack of active human interaction, lack of neutrality, and the host’s aggressiveness towards them.

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Since the German Shepherd is a large dog breed with a strong bite, it means that they may be more dangerous than most other dog breeds.

This means that before getting a German Shepherd, it is important to make sure that you can spend time with him every day, you do not intend to separate him from you or your family, and you will be able to accept that it is time to train him regularly, especially When he was still a puppy.

How to prevent German Shepherd from danger?

If you are considering raising a German Shepherd, there are steps you can take to prevent it from becoming dangerous around you and your family.

Is The German Shepherd Dangerous?

Training him since childhood

If you have a German Shepherd, it is important to start training it from a very young age.

By doing this, you will be able to enhance the behaviour you want to see while suppressing unwanted behaviour.

The training method I recommend is positive intensive training. Here, you can encourage the behaviour you want to see by rewarding your GSD when it shows signs of performance.

It is also recommended that you follow the training techniques outlined in this book so that you can maintain good behaviour in many different situations.

Avoid negative reinforcement

Negative reinforcement is when you inadvertently encourage behaviours that you don’t want to see. If you give your GSD a reward when he misbehaves, it may encourage her to do more.

Instead, it’s important to train him to behave the way you want him to, avoid rewarding him when he misbehaves, and refocus his attention by training him to do things like the future when he seems to be able to misbehave. Force. When you drive.

Recorded in the behaviour class

When she is still a puppy, it will also help to have her take a puppy behaviour course, especially if this is the first time she has GSD. By doing this, you will be able to get personalized guidance on how to effectively train GSD puppies.

Avoid being too emotional or aggressive towards him

When training or interacting with your German Shepherd, it is important to interact with him calmly. German Shepherds are often very sensitive to the emotions of their owners, and they become more dangerous when their owners cannot control their emotions.

Do well

One of the biggest factors influencing the risk of a dog is the way it treats its owner. When dogs are treated well by their owners, this will make them less likely to become dangerous. This means that it is important to be able to set aside time every day to practice, train and play with them.

Is The German Shepherd Dangerous?

Avoid separating from family

The German Shepherd should be part of the family. German Shepherds can have behaviour problems when separated from their families and are more likely to become dangerous.

This research shows that staying away from dogs that actively interact with humans are more likely to be dangerous.

Resurrection or disinfection

The same study mentioned above also shows that unneutered dogs are also more dangerous.

What makes German Shepherds dangerous?

Here are some things that can make a German Shepherd dangerous. I wrote more about what can make a German Shepherd aggressive in this article.


Lack of training

When German Shepherds don’t get enough training, they will act according to their wishes. They feel that their behaviour is unlikely to be the way their owner wants them, and they are more likely to become dangerous without extensive training. This is why it is important to provide them with a lot of training as described above.

The former owner abused them

Another reason for the danger of the German Shepherd is the abuse of the former owner. When purchasing a GSD, it is helpful to ensure that all possible precautions are taken, as described in this article.

Very excited to be with them

One of the reasons the German Shepherd becomes dangerous is that it is very emotional about it.

If you start to take passive actions against GSD, you may notice. This may make him feel something is wrong and become aggressive. This is why it is important to interact with them calmly, even if they are dogs, give them enough training.

Be aggressive towards them

If someone is aggressive towards the German Shepherd, they are likely to be dangerous because they feel threatened.

Lack of exercise

The German Shepherd is a breed suitable for daily exercise. When they do not get enough exercise, they will behave abnormally and sometimes become dangerous. Generally speaking, as a healthy adult, it is recommended to exercise for at least one hour a day.

Not socialized like a puppy

When German Shepherds are young, they will interact with the world and learn what to believe and what not to believe. If they didn’t interact much with dogs and other people when they were young, it might make them distrustful.

If you get a GSD, it will be beneficial to have as many positive interactions as possible with other friendly people and dogs. One way might be to take him to a dog training class in your area.

Protect its owner or territory

German Shepherds are often very protective of their owners and their territories. If strangers are in your home or threaten their owner, GSD usually becomes more protective.

What is the normal behaviour of a German Shepherd?

German Shepherds are widely regarded as one of the most loyal dog breeds, and when they are well raised, they have a strong motivation to protect their owners and the land.

They are often described as solo dogs because they tend to become frustrated when they are separated from their owners. But in fact, they tend to be very loyal to the whole family, not just to the main owner, so it would be more appropriate to describe them as dogs in the same family.

Since German Shepherds are bred to be working dogs, they are also eager to please their owners. Therefore, German Shepherds tend to respond well to training and usually adapt quickly to the roles assigned to them.