Long-Haired German Shepherd

Long-Haired German Shepherd = Long-Haired Problem?

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Long-Haired German Shepherd = Long-Haired Problem?

Long-haired German Shepherds are rare for many people because the gene is recessive and is known to be a genetic defect. If the gene is in their DNA, even two short-haired German Shepherds can produce long-haired offspring.

Although these rare long-haired dogs may be the result of genetics, they are becoming more and more popular among dog owners.

Some dog owners prefer long-haired fluffy dogs, and long-haired German Shepherds will not disappoint. The long-haired coat can have any colour within the breed.


Although compared to standard short German shepherds, their long hair does make them look a little different and unique, but under all these hairs, they do look very similar.

They have the same facial features and body types. Male long-haired German Shepherds grow to 24 to 26 inches and weigh 66 to 88 pounds.

Compared with males, female long-haired German Shepherds are smaller in size, can grow to 22 to 24 inches, and weigh 51 to 73 pounds at a healthy weight.

The difference is the length and texture of the hair. Since the long coat of the German Shepherd does not have an undercoat like the standard short coat, the actual hair looks shinier.

Although this sounds good, it actually leads to less protection from the weather. Due to the lack of protection of the elements, long-haired German Shepherds are not suitable for grazing and hunting.

Long-Haired German Shepherd Temperament

Dog owners will be impressed by the eagerness and obedience of the Long-haired German Shepherd.

As we all know, the long-haired GSD has a better temper than the standard German Shepherd. Although the standard GSD is not bad-tempered, it has a better temperament with long hair.

Long-Haired German Shepherd = Long-Haired Problem?

Another significant difference is that the long-haired GSD prefers to keep in touch with his human family. So as long as these dogs exercise properly, they can become excellent indoor dogs.

They are very naughty and like to play with toys and their family. They are also very loyal to their human family and show courage when faced with situations that need to protect them from harm.

Their playful and protective nature makes them great playmates for children and even better nannies.

Health problem

The long-haired German Shepherd has the same health problems as the standard German Shepherd.

Common diseases include hip and elbow dysplasia, epilepsy, eczema, and gastrointestinal problems.

Although hip and elbow dysplasia is usually a genetic health problem, reckless breeding practices can also cause other problems, which makes the breed susceptible to various genetic diseases.

The long-haired German Shepherd has a life expectancy of 9 to 13 years. If you have long-haired GSD, your veterinarian can resolve any underlying health problems and perform a physical examination. Which may include blood tests, X-rays, and other tests to make the correct diagnosis.


It’s no secret that long-haired German Shepherds need to exercise every day. The owner of a dog who already owns a German Longhaired Shepherd or is considering welcoming a German Longhaired Shepherd will be impressed by the infinite energy he possesses.

Although they are excellent indoor dogs, they must have a balance and an outlet for energy consumption. This can easily be done by playing outdoor games such as fetching or Frisbee, or walking, running or jogging.

Dog owners will find that the German Longhaired Shepherd can easily keep up with any movement speed and stay happy around the owner.

Living Conditions

Because they also need an almost constant emotional attachment to their owners, they cannot be excellent outdoor dogs.

This is great news for apartment residents because you can enjoy the best of both worlds, with an indoor companion and guard dog and a sports companion.

Long-Haired German Shepherd = Long-Haired Problem?

Keeping a long-haired German Shepherd indoors is best for him or her. Because their long hair does not protect them from weather conditions.

The dog owner wants to create a safe place indoors for the long-haired German Shepherd to contact him or her. This will require a bed, toys, and possibly a small door that fits the door, and keep the dog in a certain room or place.

Dog owners can also choose to buy or build a cage large enough for adult long-haired German Shepherds to stand, stretch, and turn around.

Although the long-haired German Shepherd plays and exercises outdoors, his base should be indoors.

Long-haired German Shepherd Dog Grooming

Dog owners may be surprised by the number of hairs that German Shepherds lose from their long fur. Their shedding is constant, so dog owners should be prepared to vacuum frequently and have a dander brush in every closet.

If care and cleaning are not done properly, GSD long hair tends to become tangled and tacky. It is necessary to brush with a metal brush twice a week to keep the coat healthy and free of tangles.

Only need to shower when necessary.

If external dirt or dirt sticks to the hair, it is recommended to clean the hair little by little before showering.

Please note that the fur of a long-haired German Shepherd dog does not contain enough natural oils to bathe frequently. Your ears need to be carefully cleaned because earwax can stick to the hair near the ear opening.

Nail care is essential and should be done regularly. Nail trimming should be done by the dog’s owner or a professional groomer.

Long-Haired German Shepherd = Long-Haired Problem?

In addition to cutting nails, dog owners can also take their dogs for a jog or walk on a concrete surface that helps file nails.

Whether dog owners plan to groom at home or at a groomer. They hope that their puppies or dogs will be familiar with them by gently touching their paws from an early age.

This will reduce your dog’s risk of stress.

Long-Haired German Shepherd Acceptance

Because the long hair gives the German shepherd its unique appearance. From fans of the standard German shepherd to the long-haired German shepherd, they have to fight to accept the breed.

An increasingly popular advocacy group accepts German Longhaired Shepherd dogs in competitions.

The long-haired GSD is loyal, intelligent, and has a strong working ability. It is an excellent search and rescue dog and police dog. As the struggle for acceptance continues, we hope that one day this breed will be accepted.

Fitness Convenience

Now that you know more about the German Longhaired Shepherd. You may want to know if this dog is suitable for you and your family.

First, you must realize that this dog needs a lot of interpersonal contact and attention from its owner and family.

If you are a busy single person who is almost away from home. Or if you have a busy family and are always rushing to participate in activities every day, this may not be the best dog for your lifestyle.

However, if you need a caring and friendly companion who likes jogging or jogging. Then a long-haired German Shepherd will be a good choice!

Long-Haired German Shepherd = Long-Haired Problem?

In addition to having a good buddy to hang out with, you can also be protected while hiking, running, hiking or jogging on those secluded outdoor trails.

In addition, if you are a family who likes to spend time indoors, outdoors or in local parks. Then you will enjoy the relaxed welcome of a long-haired German Shepherd into your life.

The secret is to make the dog part of your family and let him participate in family activities.

Although those who are not familiar with German Shepherds usually believe the cruel myths they have heard from others, German Shepherds are usually not aggressive.

In Conclusion

Well-trained long-haired German Shepherds are usually very good family dogs or companion dogs for children.

Although bites have been reported all over the world, this is usually due to a lack of training by the owner or related to GSD that protects loved ones from harm or danger.

The long-haired German Shepherd is a good companion and family pet, providing years of protection and happiness for dog owners.

Long-Haired German Shepherd

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