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Since food shortages are a possibility this holiday season, you must plan and place your purchase well in advance. If you still want more from M&S, check out the selection of Marks and Spencer Christmas chocolates and snacks. You’re sure to find something delicious to round off your dinner on December 25.

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More From Marks and Spencers

If you are an employee working at Marks and Spencers, then you need to know about the M&S Employee Login. TO access the portal, you need to click the link below and follow the on-screen instructions.

M&S Christmas Food 2022

M&S has come up with a seasonal feast that sounds opulent in the traditional M&S fashion. A salmon platter, vegan Wellington, and brie en route are just a few of the delectable selections on the menu. To compete with Asda’s brightly colored Brussels sprouts cake, there’s a festive version of Colin the Caterpillar.

Sides and Starters

  • Collection by M&S £18 for The Ultimate Smoked Salmon Platter (serves 4) This is a must-have for salmon lovers. A variety of hot smoked salmon, including oak-smoked, whiskey smoked, and honey roasted. To help, garnish with fresh dill and caper berries.
  • A Selection from the M&S Retail Store a 14-pound hunk of brie (serves 6) All-butter puff pastry stuffed with rosemary and garlic encasing a creamy Brie.


  • M&S Collection Christmas Pudding Pie with Turkey and Ham, £20 (serves 6) What if you wanted something unique and traditional? This Marks and Spencer Christmas pudding-inspired shortcrust pastry pie, made with all-butter shortcrust dough and stuffed with British turkey, pulled ham hock, and fruity pig stuffing, meets the bill.
  • The M&S line 45-pound turkey joint is perfected (serves 8-10). Toppings include applewood-smoked streaky bacon and goose-fat butter on a turkey stuffing made with pork, chestnuts, cranberries, and sloe gin.
  • Turkey Breast Joint, M&S British Oakham Turkey, £12 (serves 2-4) With buttermilk and broth, a boneless turkey joint is grilled to perfection.
  • Ultimate Crackling Joint from M&S Collection, £10. (serves 8) Crackling is assured thanks to the salt-matured and thoroughly scored skin, which is then basted in pig stock. An umami flavor bomb is added to create a jus.
  • It’s £15 for M&S Plant Kitchen’s Vegan Beef Wellington (serves 4), A puff pastry-wrapped wheat and pea-based vegan Wellington topped with mushroom duxelles.

Desserts and other sweets

  • Golden Blond Chocolate Star Christmas Pudding from Marks and Spencer Christmas Collection, $12 (serves 8) Blonde chocolate pudding, fudge, and blond chocolate fudge laced with rum, brandy, and chocolate sauce.
  • The Caterpillar Elf, £10 from M & M&S (serves 10), is a chocolate sponge roll filled with chocolate buttercream and dipped in milk chocolate, and decorated with chocolate-covered edibles.
  • A holiday snack mix in a tin with chocolate-dipped pretzels, popcorn, and almonds, M&S Colin the Caterpillar Candy Canes (2 for £3), and Very Merry Munch (£8) are also available beginning on December 2.

Marks & Spencer Christmas Sales

This Marks and Spencer Christmas had an exceptional holiday season, growing in all of its segments, including the clothes and home business, which has been a source of concern in the past.

Clothing and home sales grew for the second quarter in a row, driven by “strong” online sales, according to M&S CEO Steve Rowe. He also noted that the food business had outperformed the rest of the M & M&S retail store over the last year.


To achieve £3.27 billion in sales by January 1, group sales were up 8.6% from pre-pandemic levels and 18.5% from a year earlier. Compared to the previous year, its core UK business sales increased by 8.9% to £3 billion. Since the beginning of the recession, food sales have risen by 12.4%.

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Marks and Spencer Christmas | All You Need To Know

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