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Police German Shepherd Dog

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Why Do German Shepherds Use Police Dog or Sniffer Dogs?

The German Shepherd is known for cooperating with the police. We have seen German Shepherds chasing bad guys and criminals on TV and in movies. It is not uncommon to see K-9 troops inhaling drugs or explosives or watching them at airports or events.

But what makes a German Shepherd ideal for police work? Why are they used more in the K-9 unit than in other dog breeds?

From the temperament of the German Shepherd to his strength and endurance, the GSD (German Shepherd) is an excellent working dog. German Shepherds feel calm under pressure. They are very smart, easy to train and love to work. This makes the breed suitable for working under high pressure, no wonder it has been used in police work for more than 100 years.

The History Of German Shepherd In Police Work

The German Shepherd has a long history in the K-9 business. In fact, shepherd dogs were first bred as working dogs in the early 1900s, including serving the police and the army. Breeder Max von Stephanitz, a German Army veteran, began to selectively cultivate GSD to acquire key characteristics, including intelligence, loyalty, and tenacity.

Therefore, the German Shepherd is an ideal candidate for police and military operations.

Why Do German Shepherds Use Police Dog or Sniffer Dogs?

In 1910, Stefanitz contacted the German police department to see if they were interested in using dogs for work. Many people began to test the breed’s tactical work, protection and tracking. These initial tests were a great success. In the 1920s and 1930s, German Shepherds were widely used in military and police work in Europe and around the world.

During the First World War, German Shepherds were widely used in this field. Thanks to their wisdom and obedience, GSD can quickly train themselves to perform certain tasks on the battlefield. As a result, the GSD became a messenger, Red Cross dog, and ammunition carrier during the war. In fact, Rin Tin Tin is a German shepherd brought home from the war, and later trained in silent movies (and became one of the most famous hunting dogs on TV).

German Shepherd And Police Work

German Shepherds are born to work.

Additionally, German Shepherds are usually smart (one of the smartest breeds in the world), they train quickly, they are obedient and loyal, they are healthy and have a balanced temperament.

All these characteristics make the German Shepherd an ideal candidate for police work. The following are some of the main functions:

GSD is very loyal to their therapists and always wants to please them. This is why they ask their owners for clues about what to do in stressful situations.

Why Do German Shepherds Use Police Dog or Sniffer Dogs?

German Shepherd likes to work and has work to do. They also have the motivation to complete the work, and they will not stop until their workers tell them that the work is complete.

Sheepdogs are considered one of the smartest dog breeds in the world. Therefore, they can be trained to perform very complex tasks, such as snoring, tracking and detecting drugs or explosives.

Even in chaotic, high-stress situations, GSD can “stay sober”. Even in an active crime scene or hunting down criminals, German Shepherds will follow the instructions of the guide.

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Shepherds are natural protectors and are obliged to protect their “flock”, such as their breeders. When criminals become aggressive, K-9 dogs are usually the first to take action.

The German Shepherd is strong, athletic, and energetic. They are fast, can knock down criminals, and are willing to serve for a long time.

Final Thoughts

In short, the German Shepherd is valued for its intelligence, obedience and temperament. This makes them as wonderful as working dogs. They are widely used in police work, and can also be used as service animals, agricultural work or competitions.


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