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Saia Corporate | Everything You Need to Know

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Saia takes its role as a premier transportation company very seriously, and it recognizes its obligations to the environment, Saia employees, and the communities in which they live and work. Sustainability is a significant focus for them, as is equipment optimization and Saia corporate efficiency to reduce their environmental footprint.

They’re spending a lot of money and working hard to increase the efficiency of their fleet and the buildings they operate in. Keeping the carbon footprint and resource use as low as possible is a top priority for Saia corporate as a company.

To enhance fuel economy, Saia Corporate fleet strategies include updating the equipment, moving to alternative fuels, and employing new technology to become more effective at routing drivers and loading trucks.

An incremental update to LED lighting is also underway throughout the buildings, as are energy-saving strategies. Recycling spent oil, scrap metal, paper/cardboard, and tires are all examples of further conservation efforts.


Saia management aims to lead Saia in a way that benefits the Saia employees and the wider community and economy. Saia’s facilities are operated in such a way as to preserve the environment, their security, the freight of their clients, and the health and safety of all parties involved, both internal and external.

When it comes to incident prevention, Saia corporate is steadfast in its efforts to keep people and the environment safe. Saia’s growth is monitored regularly by using programs that establish specific goals and track the company’s progress toward them. These programs are made available to the whole workforce.

More From Saia

If you are an employee working for Saia, then you need to know about the Saia Employee Login. Because by using that portal, you will be able to access all your benefits as well as perform several other tasks as well. To access the Saia Employee Login, click the link below and follow the instructions.

About Saia

In 1924, a trucking firm called Saia trucking was founded in Houma, Louisiana, and specializes in LTL (less-than-truckload) shipments. Since its beginnings in Louisiana and Texas in the 1950s, the network has expanded to include more states in the South. Saia expanded the Saia service area to 36 states because of acquisitions with other organizations. Over $1.8 billion will be generated by Saia in 2020, making it a top 10 LTL carrier in the United States.

SAIA’s Background

Initiation and growth

Louis Saia Sr. founded Saia in Houma, Louisiana, in 1924. Louis was a produce salesman who discovered that delivering a product rather than selling it was the key to his success. His automobile served as the basis for the original Saia trucking, which had the back seats removed.

By 1970, Saia had developed terminals in Texas and Louisiana and had extended its service area. Southeastern United States-based Saia corporate became one of the top regional LTL carriers in the United States, with 23 terminals around the site and a revenue surpassing $50 million.

An Offshoot Company

It was sold to Preston Trucking in 1987 by members of the Saia family. As part of the acquisition of Preston Trucking in 1993, the Yellow Corporation also bought the companies Saia corporate and Smalley. With Smalley Transportation’s merger in 1995, Saia expanded into North Carolina, South Carolina, and western Texas with new terminals.

Operations at Saia

Saia’s 172 terminals directly serve the contiguous 48 states of the United States. It also covers Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Canada through a network of affiliates. Saia LTL Freight, Saia Service of Logistics, and LinkEx are Saia’s three active service groups. Up to 2021, Saia will employ over 10,500 people and handle more than 26,000 shipments every day.

TST Overland Express was renamed TST-CF Express, and Saia formed a partnership in 2017 to supply cross-border shipments to Canada. TST’s equivalency is handled by Saia corporate.

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